Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM]

Electronic Debugging for companies.

Jayde Consulting provides what is widely known as one of the most comprehensive technical surveillance countermeasure services; to detect, deter, and/or investigate incidents of information theft and espionage, likely to have an adverse impact on business operations and reputation.

Are secrets getting out?

Maybe it's time to sweep for bugs.

Sensitive Board meetings?

We'll help protect your discussions.

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Effective TSCM Solutions

Purchasing electronic bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras and other similar eavesdropping devices is an easy process, particularly via sites such as eBay and other online merchants.

The use of these spying devices presents a genuine threat to the integrity of confidential discussions and business activities alike, however, can often be detected and controlled by utilising experienced technical surveillance countermeasure (bug sweeping) professionals.

Jayde Consulting are global leaders in the provision of thorough technical and physical TSCM inspections or sweeps of corporate offices. Backed by decades of practical experience, we use purpose-built surveillance detection equipment, systems and strategies to locate electronic eavesdropping devices and related threats to your privacy and the integrity of your organisation.