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  • Combat espionage
  • Secure board meetings
  • Detect electronic bugs
  • Protect stakeholder interests
  • Maintain privacy

What you say in confidence is your business.
Keeping it confidential is ours. ®

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Counterespionage Specialists

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

It only takes a single electronic bug to compromise your most valuable secrets.

Protect your confidential information from electronic eavesdropping and espionage by inviting our team of specialists to provide technical surveillance countermeasure [TSCM] inspections [bug sweeps] of your offices and meeting rooms.

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Preparation and prevention

Don't become a victim of espionage. Protecting your most critical information is easier than you think!

Engage us to work with you to identify and resolve potential security vulnerabilities within your organisation, which might otherwise lead to espionage. We can assist by recommending cost-effective controls to help protect your integrity, reputation and stakeholder interests.

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Counterespionage specialists

How we’re different

Our verifiable global experience, close relationship with our international peers, and insatiable passion for what we do sets us well apart from our competitors. We have spent decades perfecting our tradecraft by attending (and often speaking at) international conferences and workshops; training with renowned counterespionage professionals; contributing to global security and counterespionage forums; and working with some of the most reputable entities in the world.

Furthermore, our commitment to learning is reflected in our academic interests, particularly when addressing the detection of deception, and the management of trusted insiders (often referred to insider threat management).

Our commitment to our clients is reflected in each and every engagement we undertake. Few others can genuinely match the experience, thoroughness and dedication our team offers.

Please contact us to see how we can apply what we've learned, to better protect your organisation.

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Types of threat

Don't be fooled by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Understand the threats and address potential issues before they become real problems.

The insider

Trusted personnel may have unprecedented access to your most sensitive information. Whilst most can be relied upon, do they all have your best interests in mind?

State sponsored

Rogue agents within foreign governments often watch organisations with global offices, such as those in resources, defence, and technology. Are you protected?

The opportunist

Don't be an enabler. Often, the theft of information occurs because it is too freely available. Do you have appropriate controls in place to protect your secrets?

The antagonist

Those with a grudge to bear and issue motivated groups, can prove to be a nuisance to those simply going about their business. Ensure you don't help to fuel their fire.

Let us help you address the threats facing your organisation, particularly those within... trusted insiders.