Are You Off The Hook? Think You're Bugged? Don't Be Left Holding The Can!


What is tcsm?We provide services to help you prevent the theft of information from your organisation. We can assist you with a range of technical surveillance countermeasure ("TSCM") debugging services and counter-espionage support to help protect your most sensitive and confidential information from electronic eavesdropping and espionage. Read more »


Why Do You Need TSCM Services? Most organisations have been the target of information theft at one stage or another. If you or your company holds any form of information, then chances are, you require our services. Contact us to see how we can assist you protect your most valuable asset - your proprietary information, from theft by staff, contractors, competitors or others. Read more »


How Is a TSCM Inspection Conducted? Our teams are experienced in the provision of counter-espionage support by way of technical surveillance countermeasures ("TSCM"), preventive security consulting and cyber ("IT") crime detection and prevention. We provide office debugging sweeps, corporate security reviews and computer / physical vulnerability testing. Read more »